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PostSubject: hey   Tue Oct 30, 2007 4:24 am

I think Neal may be out of the league, he resigned in 2 other leagues that I am in with him, here is what he said in the other leagues, of course, you may want to wait for his confirmation, but I am guessing that since he resigned in the other leagues, he will also resign in this league.

Brianeal23 wrote:
I hate to leave on such short notice, but this has made my life... the computer. I just can't stay and know that I feel so, addicted to this stuff. I'm sorry but I must go, I blame no one for this but myself. Please open up the Texans, or better yet give them to Flashback, I talked to him and seems to want the job. Sorry for this inconvenience but I feel it is best for me.

I just I thought I would bring it your attention.
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